Our Ophthalmology Care

Offering the Best Ophthalmology Care Services

Northwest Medical Center Ophthalmology Care Services

Our ophthalmologists and retna specialists have genuine concern for your eyes, and their goal is to provide you (a- remove) quality eye care because, ‘what the eyes see, the heart believes’. We believe that each patient has unique vison needs, and we are committed to evaluate every situation with (a- remove) special attention and strive to meet your needs. The wide range of our services include eye examinations, pediatric eye services, treatment of various eye conditions, and vision therapies.

Some of the conditions treated:

  • Dry eye- dryness of a tear film coating the outer layer of the eye
  • Conjuctivitis ‘pink eye’ – inflamed conjuctiva (a clear membrane of the eye)
  • Blepharitis- eyelid infection
  • Glaucoma- damaging of optic nerve and causing white spots in the eye
  • Macular Degeneration- blurry vision due to a breakdown of (the- remove) part of the retina (multi-layered tissue in the back of the eye)
  • Diabetic Retinopathy- weakened retina caused by abnormalities in the blood vessels in the eye
  • Flashers/Floaters-the separation in the Viterous Humour (a watery-fibrous material that fills the large central cavity of the eye) and retina due to the separation of the watery and fibrious material of Viterious Humour